About Us

Rippertail Outdoors LLC is a family owned and operated business now located just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. Founded in 2007 by professional guide Larry Vaughan, the Rippertail Lure was his answer to achieving ripping action with superior durability all in one lure. Originally Rippertail Lures were a solid body with a corrugated and tapered tail poured in Larry’s garage for personal use. In 2010, after numerous requests, Larry decided to make his lure available to the public and started distributing them to local Truman Lake Reservoir Bait Shops! After a few years and as many subtle improvements, Larry reached the sleek, effective, tangle free Rippertail Lure we know today!

In 2014, cousins Mike and Bryan purchased Rippertail Lures, capitalizing on what Larry had created, as well as, growing Rippertail’s product line. Adding five new profiles; Minna, Triple Threat, Fat Boy, Rigger, and Chunk along with dozens of new colors. Mike and Bryan expanded Ripperatil outside of Missouri to both the north and south. In addition to our great lures, Denali Rods were added to our line of products giving you the best equipment to do what you love!

Now 2019, John Nance, a Missouri native is ready to take Rippertail to where fishing has never been. While continuing to offer the same great products you know, he plans to continuously create new products designed to catch you more fish, as that’s what we’re all here for, right! Our lures are proudly manufactured in the USA by a highly regarded plastics manufacturer, Rippertail Lures are constructed with the finest soft-plastics using the latest injection molding technology in the industry! It is our goal to provide high quality products with you, the fisherman, in mind while striving to do the right things for the right reasons under the grace of God. Rip Lips!